Membership Pricing and Plans

Tunisia TESOL membership is open to anyone involved in the field of English language teaching. Whether you are a teacher, student, teacher educator, administrator, researcher, consultant, materials writer, or curriculum developer, Tunisia TESOL offers you the opportunity to join a collaborative and highly motivated community where you can grow personally and professionally.

Choose one of our Plans and become a TESOLER

Tunisian Students

TND 20


Tunisian Professionals

TND 40


Foreign Students

€ 20


Foreign Professionals

€ 40


How to Join?

Membership is open to all stakeholders involved in education and especially in ELT. Membership can be obtained by completing the online available or by filling it during one of our events. Happy learning with Tunisia TESOL!

My Benefits?

  • Special rates to all Tunisia TESOL events.
  • Special discount / rate for workshops.
  • Free one-year membership in TESOL International for ACTIVE members.
  • Attending Tunisia TESOL national days for free.
  • The right to vote for the new BOD members.
  • The chance to be a candidate for BOD member.
  • Share it!